In my previous post i had talked about the rise of reggae music.Since reggae music has several genres,i wish to give you little details of how it all began until we got those  genres.

The early form of reggae music was called roots and culture.It’s the most recognizable kind of reggae .It gained international popularity thanks to Bob Marley and Peter Tosh who were among the first to record roots reggae.

Despite having a distinctive musical characteristic, the term”roots”  often implies more the message of the music than the its musical style.

Artists who did roots reggae had their lyrics grounded in the Rastafarian movement.It also included messages against slavery,oppression and also  the belief in God called Jah who was then manifested by emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.

There was a lot of stress on poverty and resistance to economic and racial oppression  by musicians.Poetic meditations on spiritual or topical themes was evidence.

some of the renown musicians of this era includes Burning Spear,Max Romeo and Israel Vibrations whose songs evolved around the reasons i have highlighted earlier on.

For example burning spear’s song slavery days was a reflection of how black people suffered in the hand of the colonial.How they pulled big fat bull everywhere with shackles around the necks.Image result for burning spear

Burning spear whose real name is Winston Rodney while young was deeply influenced by the views of the political activist Marcus Garvey.




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