As reggae music evolved there were changes in almost every aspect of reggae music.Messages and instruments that will take forefront in terms of sound as well as tempo.

We can take a look at lovers rocks which is  a style of reggae music.It is known for its romantic sound and content.

The style was given a great focus and name in London in mid 1970’s.Despite the name,lovers rock is not in any way related to the rock music.

It gained international attention with musicians such as John Holt and Ken Boothe enjoying international recognition with their hit songs.

It represented  a political counterpoint to the conscious Rastafarian sound that was dominant in Jamaica at the time.

In the beginning ,with its roots in south London ,the style had a particular appeal amongst women and ended up producing a lot of female stars including  Carrol Thompson who gained popularity with her hit album ‘hopelessly in love.”

With time numerous well-established Jamaican singers joined in to try their hand in lovers rock.Surprisingly enough they turned out to be more successful beating their counterpart in south London.

Among them was Gregory Isaacs,Dennis Brown ,Sugar Minnot and later joining them was Freddie McGreggor.

The most noticeable one is Gregory Isaacs who the New York Times described as ‘the most exquisite vocalist in reggae.”

Gregory Isaacs SNWMF 2010 1 - on stage-2.jpg

Gregory Isaacs performing during the Seirra Nevada World Music Festival in 2010

With his awesome display of love songs and ability to connect to souls of his audience Gregory isaacs was nick named the ‘cool ruler of lover’s rock.”

According to many he is the game-changer in reggae music and also the owner of the lover’s rock.This is because none of the artists who sung love songs could match up to him.

Most of his remarkable hit songs include lonely lover,number one ,love is over due among others.


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