Understanding Rastafarian Religion:Part two

In my previous post about this topic ,i had explained about the religion quite broadly.Like i said in the post Rastafari has categories and subcategories we call them mansions of rastafari.I promised to tackle them and here we go.


The nyahbinghi order is the oldest of the Rastafari mansions.This order was named after queen nyahbinghi who was a Ugandan ruler in the 19th century.

Queen nyahbinghi fought against the British empire .Her resistance inspired a number of Jamaican rastafari keeping in mind they were both fighting against the same thing which was oppression by the colonial and slavery.

Musicians under this category use a drum under the same name in their music.The drum is also used in  ritual drumming that is performed as a communal meditative practice.

Musicians who are tagged under nyahbinghi include Peter Tosh and Jah Levi.

2.Bobo Ashanti

This is a combination of two words.Bobo means black and Ashanti is a name of a tribe from Ghana which many slaves that were taken from Africa to Jamaica were members.This group was founded by prince Emmanuel Edwards in 1958.It advocates to the repatriation of all black people to africa.

the Bobos as the members are called dress very differently from all the other orders.they wear long robes and very tightly wrapped turbans.Their lifestyle you can say is associated with the lie in the old testament mosaic law.for example they observe Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown on Saturday.We all know during this time no work is allowed.

They also do not smoke marijuana in public because they reserve it for worship.

several musicians are members of this group including the famous one Antony B,Sizzla kalonji,lutan fyah and fantan mojah.They all have turbans right?

3.Twelve tribes of israel.

It was founded in Kingston Jamaica in 1958.This group is now functioning worldwide.Vernon Carrington was the founder of this group and encouraged his students to read the Bible.One chapter a day.It is symbolical to the 12 sons of Jacob.

Just like nyahbinghi, this order is anti-racist and preaches love toward all people of different races.

Bob barley on his album cover of Rastaman Vibration quoted a bible message about Joseph thus acknowledging his support for this sect.

Other members of twelve tribes of Israel include Freddie McGregor,the late Dennis Brown,Luciano etc.


Like i said there are other smaller groups this include African Unity,Covenant Rastafari,Messianic Dreads etc.


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