The word riddim is a jamaican slang that simply means rhythm in English.However people in dancehall and raggaeton use the word riddim to mean the instrumental accompaniment to a song.This means musical instruments and there sounds that a companies a vocal.

Generally riddim is the instrumental backgrounds of reggae, lovers rock, ragga and dancehall.I compiled a number of old school riddim that i love and i know some of you might like them too.Their names are actually  the original titles of the songs when they were first recorded.

bongo nyah is my all time favourite old school riddim.Those beats instantly puts me in a dancing mood.Bongo nyah was a song done by DJ Little Roy in 1969.By DJ i mean the artist and not those on the turntables.In reggae those in charge of turntables and selection of music are called selectors and not DJ.Now you know.

The song however gained much publicity from the remix done by Lloyd Brown.This lead to many artists doing songs using the same instrumental accompaniment thus came about the bongo nyah riddim.

Some of the songs includes the famous one done by glen washington called on and on.The song was released in 2004 and became a massive hit in entertainment joints especially here in Kenya.

Image result for glen washington

Glen Washington   photo:courtesy

Other artists who used this riddim includes Tanya Stephens and Flourgon.

Another old and nice  riddim is the  boxing riddim.It is also named after the original song done by Cornell Campbell in the year 1979.This song is a good dedication to those who switch boyfriends every now and then .Hoping to find a better one than the previous.I mean you need to download this song if you haven’t  yet.

Image result for cornell campbell

Cornell Campbell  performing.

There are more than sixty songs that were released using the boxing riddim.Among my favorites includes Danny Mangaroo’s thousand things in my mind  and Antony B’s sing pon rydim.

Chi chi bud closes my top three old school  riddim.Max Romeo recorded a song called chichi bud as a dedication to his late good friend Keith Chin in 1993.Few years later Tarrus Riley recorded his song life precious gift using the chichi bud riddim.

Image result for max romeo

Max Romeo performing

But the most notable songs under this riddim is Marcia Griffiths’ i told you ,Terry Linen’s No time to linger and Brand new crisis by Roger Robin.Check out for my next post as i talk about the current hot riddims.Jah bless.






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