Raggaeton is a genre of music that is characterized by its repetitive rhythm.This genre originated in Puerto Rico a Latin America country in the 1990’s.It blends the musical influence of Jamaican dancehall and Trinidadian soca with those of Puerto Rico’s salsa.

In this genre vocals include rapping and singing mostly in spanish.In the beginning it was refereed as underground music until 1998 that the name was changed to reggaeton.However it gained its popularity in the early 2000’s as it spread across Africa,Europe and Asia

Not until 2004 that raggeaton gained massive popularity in North America thanks to the hit songs by Daddy yankee and Hector and Tito.

There are some musical characteristics that influences raggaeton this includes the dembow riddim which was created in Jamaica by dancehall producers in the late 1980’s.This riddim was first highlighted by Shabba Ranks in his 1991 album just reality.

There are also other riddims that are incorporated with the dembow riddim like the common one hot this year from the song by the same title done by Dirtsman,bam bam riddim  and fever pitch riddim.

Most of the reggaeton songs have its lyrical structures resembling hip hop as most of the artist recite their lyrics by rapping rather than singing  even though singing is included in small bits.

When it comes to dancing, raggaeton has a unique style that with time had been borrowed to other genres like riddim.This is called perreo with its origin in Puerto Rico.The name has also evolved to be called daggering a very common dancing style  in riddims and dancehall.

Generally reggaeton i can say is more common in Latin America countries than in the Caribbean and most songs are composed in Spanish. This is because most of the countries in Latin America speak Spanish.check out for my next post as i share with you some of the godfathers of reggaeton.


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