Like i said in my previous post there are those artists who we can call the godfathers of reggaeton there were there they are here and will be here to stay.The songs recorded years back have stood the test of time and the revolution of music industry.



If i mention Daddy Yankee what comes into your mind?Gasolina right.Those of us born in the befogging of 1990 grew up chanting this song like a national anthem even though we didn’t know what it means.And maybe up to now.Not many of us know Spanish.

The song released in 2004 under the album barrio fino was the highly anticipated album in reggaeton.Daddy Yankee born  Ramon Ayala Rodriguez in 1977 is a Puerto Rican singer ,songwriter and record producer.His first studio song no mercy was released in 1995 through the white lion records.In the 2002, that’s when Daddy Yankee’s album cangri .com was the first album that received international success.

The album barrio fino which includes the song gasolina put him in the world map of music as a reggaeton specialist.The album released in 2004 received numerous awards and nominations including the nomination for the Latin Grammy MTV Video Music Awards.

Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee



The nuttin nuh go so  hit maker born Norman Howell  is a reggaeton artist.The song released in 2004 gave him a large fan base across the world.Unlike the others Notch is fluent in American English keeping in mind he had spent most of his child hood life in the USA as his mother was an American native.

He also speaks Jamaican patois or slang and Spanish which is evident in his songs .He has uses these three languages.Notch has also worked with Daddy Yankee and regggaeton produces Luny tunes


Notch       photo:courtesy



Born William Omar Landron Rivera in 1978 is a singer and song writer from  Puerto Rico.He began his career in Carolina  the place of his birth performing in nightclubs until in 2003 when he rose to stardom with his album called the last don.Both of the studio version and live editions have been certified platinum by the recordig industry of america.This album enabled him win several awards such as the Latin rap/hip-hop of the year in 2003.

The most notable reggaeton achievement came in May 2006 with his kings of kings album.It made history by becoming the highest ranking reggaeton LP in the top 10 US charts.

several songs from this album opened a lot of opportunities for him with the singles los bandoleros being featured in the fast and furious movie :tokyo drift and virtual diva in the video game grand theft auto.

Don Omar

Don Omar   photo:courtesy

Others who made notable influence in popularizing raggaeton include Plan B,Baby Ranks,Hector Delgado and J Alvarez.


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