I have come to believe and realize that Jamaicans are the most patriotic lots i have ever seen.The way they praise their land is just out of this world.Or is it that its an island that makes it so beautiful i don’t know.The songs they sing will make you picture yourself in a certain beach in the Caribbean playing some  beach volleyball or watching the sun setting in the furthest horizons.Truth be told ,they make you want to visit this Caribbean island.

Take an example of this song by Eric Donaldson, the land of my birth.The 69 year old  released this song in 2004 under the album Eric Donaldson sings 20 Jamaican classics    became an international hit across the world.The lyrics are so amazing ,i mean every one would wish to visit this beautiful land that is the coral of the Caribbean seas and as if that is not enough the hills, the plains,the rivers and valleys will beckon to you as you bathe in the warm warm sun .Who wouldn’t create an image with such description in their minds?

Image result for eric donaldson

          Eric Donaldson

Eric goes on telling us about the Jamaicans and how strong  they are,truthful,and how they will want to be with you, help you and give you anything you want not forgetting the prettiest women there be.

Only a true citizen like Eric Donaldson will not leave her shores or run away even when some people say they are poor because he believes in the black,the green and the gold he says.For those who don’t know this is  Jamaica’s flag colours,now you know.

Tony Rebel 54,born Patrick George Antony Barrett recorded a song praising the sweet jungles to live in Jamaica.The song sweet Jamaica was released in 1993 to celebrate his country.In the  song Rebel bigs up Jamaica the land of food and water even if the system might not be  proper but  they love the vibes, food and culture.It’s normal in every country there is always some problems with the system.It will not favour all but despite this Rebel is proud of Jamaica.He explains the beauty of Jamaica and the reggae music in the land.What a sweet place to live than the sweet jungle Jamaica.

Tony Rebel

     Tony Rebel

mr vegas was not left behind in dedicating a song to his country.despite announcing his retirement from music 2008,Mr Vegas born Clifford Smith 48 years ago,went back to studio and produced an album under his own record label MV music  which was released in 2012.The album sweet Jamaica was released in may 2012 to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th  anniversary .

He however did a remix of the song with great reggae artists like Shaggy, Marcia Griffiths,Barrington Levy among others .

In the song Mr.Vegas  is proud of Jamaica and he is not going to leave Jamaica no matter what. With the salt fish,soft yam and bananas no one would wish top leave if any of the three is among your favourites.

 Mr. Vegas

        Mr. Vegas

There are other many artists that have recorded songs praising Jamaica like Glen Washington’s sweet Jamaica,and chronnix smile Jamaica


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