As by now we all know the origin of reggae music and just like wild fires,it has spread across the globe very first.In Africa,there are several notable reggae musicians with a large fanbase from within and outside the continent.

Reggae music i can say was first introduced in Africa by the world famous reggae legend Bob Marley after his visit to Africa.Bob Marley visited Zimbabwe in 1980 and performed in the capital city  Harare during their independence celebrations.This marked the beginning of reggae music in aArica.

Among the notable reggae artists in Africa includes the late Lucky Dube,Alpha Blondy Majek Fashek and  Takana Zion.

1.Lucky Dube

Born Lucky Philip Dube in Transvaal South Africa in 1964.He is a well known reggae musician and a Rastafarian of Bobo Shanti movement.Lucky Dube was among the first artists to bring African reggae to the mainstream.

Lucky Dube

           Lucky Dube

In the beginning Dube used to play mbaqanga music a local genre until when he realized people were responding positively to the few reggae songs he had recorded.Seeing South Africa as an institutionally racist society ,Dube shifted to reggae getting inspiration from Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh.He felt the socio-political messages associated with reggae music will be relevant to their racism-bound society.

He recorded several albums but did not perform very well until in 1996  when he released a compilation album,serious reggae business.This put him in the world map and ended up being named the Best Selling African Recording Artist at the World Music Award.

However his dream was cut shot after being gunned down by carjackers in Johannesburg on 18th October 2007.

2.Alpha Blondy

Alpha Blondy is also an African reggae singer and international  recording artist from Ivory Coast in West Africa.Born Seydou Kone,63 years ago, Blondy is commonly referred to as the Bob Marley  of Africa.

Just like other reggae artists Blondy was against oppression and mistreatment of the black people as well as police brutality.This is evident in several of his songs like the song apartheid is Nazism, which was a call for the end of apartheid rule in South Africa.Brigadier sabari was a satirical song against police brutality which he himself had gone through in the Abidjan city.

Alpha Blondy

       Alpha Blondy

Brigadier sabari was among his major successful songs that put him in the limelight. Other songs that made him internationally recognized include cocody rock,Jerusalem,sweet fanta diallo and apartheid is Nazism.

Blondy sings in many language in order to reach a wider audience.This include English,French ,Baoule and his native language Dioula.Blondy received a gold disc in Paris after the success of his album Masada with the hit single rendes vous in 1991.

3.Majek Fashek.

Born Majekodunmi Fashek  in Benin city,Nigeria is a reggae,roots reggae and rock artist.Best known for his 1988 album prisoner of conscience which included the single send down the rain that saw him winning several awards such as song of the year and reggae artist of the year  at PWAN awards.

Majek Fashek

            Majek Fashek

Fashek musical influences include Bob Marley.In fact his voice is almost the same as that of Bob Marley.Furthermore his divorced parents gave him contradicting birth date and he ended up adopting his musical hero’s birthday as 6 February.

Fashek has worked with various artists during his carrier including Jimmy Cliff,Michael Jackson as well as Beyonce.

There are also other notable artists of africa but little is know about them.they include Clement Malola of the hit shake my dreads and Captain tt of bless i and forgive i hits.






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