In many fields of professionalism ,women have faced many challenges in maintaining their performance for a number of reasons including rampant sexism and shifting to motherhood.

the same is clear in reggae music as the female singers had not become consistent hit makers like their male counter parts.however i have sampled though was not easy a few of the best Jamaican reggae female artists of all time.

1.Marcia Griffiths

Born Marcia Llyneth Griffiths in 1949  is a reggae,roots reggae female singer from Jamaica.Marcia is primarily known for her strong and smooth love songs.

she started her carrier in 1964 recording several duets with Tony Gregory,Bob parley and Bob Andy.

Marcia Griffiths

                    Marcia Griffiths

Marcia is considered the most successful female singer in the Jamaican music industry as well as the most consistent hit maker something that is not very common with female artists.she has been in the music industry for over 50 years and remains an international star.She started her solo career in 1964 and the same time recording duets with her lover to be Bob Andy.

In 1990 she released the song electric boogie which spawned a worldwide dance craze the electric slide that exits up to date.Among her hit singles include the romantic one truly and i shall sing that was released in 1999.

2.Phyllis Dillon

The 59 year old is a Jamaican rock steady and reggae singer who was under the treasure isle record label in 1960’s.Dillon recorded her first single don’t stay away  in 1966 which became a massive hit in the reggae world.It is considered as one of the finest female performance in Jamaican music.

Phyllis Dillon

   Phyllis Dillon

her sequent recordings we’re covers of popular American songs like the midnight confessions originally by the grass roots.however she later recorded her original song called it’s rocking time which  would later be turned into a rocksteady hit.

Dillon dominated several local charts in Jamaica and united kingdom with hits like  don’t stay a way ,perfidia and don’t touch my tomato.she is regarded as one of the key singers in rocksteady era and sometimes referred to as the queen of rock steady.Phyllis Dillon died of cancer in 1994.

3.Janet Kay

Born  Janet Kay Bogle in 1958 London England is a reggae and lovers rock singer and songwriter.Kay is best known for her 1979 lovers rock hit silly games.The song topped the UK and European charts and led her being nicknamed the queen of lovers rock.She made history  in the music Guinness Book of Records as the first British born  black female to have a reggae song at the top of the British charts.

Janet Kay

         Janet Kay

She recorded  eternally grateful another single that enjoyed club coverage even though it did not reach UK’s top 100.

In 2003 Kay recorded her seventh album lovin you.The album became very popular in Japan that she was requested to record it again which was for the third time of the album.Kay is listed as one of the Britain’s  top 100 Black Britain by the evening standard newspaper.

Although this are not the only female artists that shaped the reggae world but they are considered to have had a greater influence and therefore there are other  artists  who had in one or the other contributed to reggae music.




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