A true rasta is very strict on what he consumes.Here am going to talk about some of the things that are not consumed and considered harmful or unholy in the rastafarian movement.

Ital is a food often celebrated by those people in the Rastafari movement.However it is compulsory in Nyabinghi mansion and not in the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Ital is a word derived from the English word vital.The omission of letter ‘v’  is common in many words in the Rastafari vocabulary.This is to signify  the unity  of the speaker will  all of  nature .

Even though the ital eating varies from rasta to rasta,there are few universal rules of ital living.The primary goal of ital diet is to increase livity.This  is a Rastafarian concept of righteous everliving living.

There is also various interpretations of ital  regarding specific foods but the general principal is that food should be pure or natural and from the earth.Food which is chemically modified or contains artificial additives like flovourings is highly avoided by rastas.In some other strict interpretations foods that had been produced  using chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizer are not considered ital.

A jamaican ital breakfast consisting of ackee,boiled food breadfruit and mango-pineapple juice.

A Jamaican ital breakfast consisting of ackee,boiled food breadfruit and mango-pineapple juice.

This dietary laws based their interpretations on several books of the Bible like her Genesis,Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

Guess what rastafari do not approve excessive alcohol consumption so don’t boast yourself that you are a rasta and you are drowning in alcohol.However  they allow  one to drink alcohol in moderation as long as it does not reach a level that clouds the mind.Check out my next post on what are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians.


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