Like i had said earlier Rastafarian take keen considerations on what they take into their body.is it harmful to their bodies or will make them feel not pure.they believe their body is the temple of Jah.Even though is a diet originated in this religion many rastas deny it and say is just a way of life.thew foods they consume must be natural and within the Levitical  law of the Old Testament.

This diet i believe promote healthy eating  and many of them  experience optimum health.The following is a list of foods that are not considered ital.


It is considered unclean because the pig is a scavenger and therefore  pork is destructive to human body.


Most rastas do not eat any type of meat because they believe that touching meat is the same  as touching death.Eating animals that are dead is like turning your body into a cemetery most of them actually don’t like being around dead animals.

Like i said in the previous post these rules vary from rasta to rasta as there are others who eat meat from ‘clean’ animals like cows,goat,sheep and forbidden to eat unclean animals like rabbit,horse and birds of prey.

3.Sea food.

On several occasion many will eat fish smaller than 12 inches in length .Fish larger than that are considered to be symbolic of the Babylonians who feed on the lives of others.


Salt is not completely forbidden .Some avoid added salt in foods especially salt with  the artificial addition of iodine.While pure sea salt is eaten by some.

5.Canned foods.

Most strict interpretations avoid the consumption of canned foods as it may contain chemicals which is believed to be destructive to their bodies.They believe anything that is pickled or fermented is harmful to their bodies.


it is not completely forbidden but one is encouraged to avoid it as it is a stimulant.High amount of caffeine is found in coffee ,black tea and chocolate.This is the reason some of them don’t take coffee or chocolate.

7.Alcohol and Cigarettes.

Rastafari do not approve excessive consumption of alcohol because it is considered destructive to the body and reduces their livity.

Most of them disapprove smoking of cigarettes due to the serious  health concerns associated with it.

8.Artificial additives and Chemicals

They avoid food which is chemically modified or contains artificial additives.For example food that contains flavoring and preservatives.Also food that were produced using chemicals like fertilizer and pesticides is not considered ital.


Considered as not natural food for human consumption.


Milk from a cow or any other animal is considered unnatural and should be avoided though others will have no problem consuming milk because it does not come from a dead animal.

So if you have some weight problems this is a good start-up guide for you to shade unwanted weight by avoiding certain foods.



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