Lovers rock is a style of reggae music noted by its romantic sounds and content.Unlike ska, rock steady and roots-reggae which had their genesis in Jamaica ,lovers rock was conceived in the united kingdom by black Britons.

However it did not take long for the trend to catch on in Jamaica where so-called roots and culture was still dominant.Dennis brown and Gregory Isaacs who recorded mainly roots hits were among the first to switch to lovers rock .

The list below includes some of the greatest lovers rock artists or bands of all time.This list basically answers who are the best lovers rock bands of all time? and who is the greatest lovers rock musician ever?

1.Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs is described as the most exquisite vocalist in  reggae.After the spread of lovers rock to Jamaica,he recorded his first lovers rock  song called my only lover in 1973.RThe song became a massive hit and credited as the first lovers rock ever made.The song is named among the best romantics songs in reggae.

Gregory Isaacs

 Gregory Isaacs

In 1978, he released the cool ruler album that led to his honorific name cool ruler lonely lover.The album consisted some tracks that are considered among the best ever recorded by GI.

2.Dennis Brown.

Born Dennis Emmanuel Brown was  a reggae and lovers rock singer.Also known as the crown prince of reggae he stared his career at age 11.Dennis Brown is considered as one of the major stars of lovers rock .Actually  he got his nickname from Bob Marley  who cited Brown as his favourite singer .

Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown

He first produced his own lovers rock song called money in my pocket in 1979 .The same year the  song reached number 14  on the British chart.In 1982 he produced another hit single love has found its way a song listed among the best love songs of reggae.

3.Boris Gardiner

Lovers rock exploded in the 1980’s with British artists leading the way .It was the decade that produced homegrown artists like Maxi Priest and John McLean.

Boris Gardiner

          Boris Gardiner

However the biggest lovers rock hit of the time was from a Jamaican born  Boris Gardiner.His cover of American country singer Mac Davis’ i want to wake up with you topped the British national chart in 1986.

4.Sugar Minnott

Another member of the roots-reggae wave ,entered the British chart with his lovers rock hit good thing going on.This was a cover of an obscure Jackson five.The song remains sugar minnott’s biggest hit.

Sugar minnot

          Sugar Minnott


5.Freddie Mcgregor

The list can not be completed without mentioning Freddie Mcgregor himself.In 1987 he released a lovers rock hit single just dont want to be lonely.The single reached number 9 in the UK singles chart.


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