Freddie Mcgregor is in town people!The captain himself .The 61 year old reggae artist will be performing at the Kenyatta International Convention Center( KICC) on Saturday, 3rd of march. The show courtesy of head corner stone entertainment will start from 6pm till dawn.


Freddie Mcgregor

Mcgregor who has been in the music industry for close to 53 years now with a total of 41 albums will be performing for the first time in Kenya despite this being the second time him being in the country.During the interview with KBC’s the rave show Mcgregor of the big ship label  said that he is looking forward for the show and hope that funs will turn out in large numbers.



Kenyatta Hill son of the late Joseph Hill of the Mighty Culture.

Kenyatta Hill (Joseph Hill son)together with the Mighty Culture band will also be performing.During the interview,Albert Walker who is among the oldest members of the culture band said that he believes this show is gonna be even better than the one they had in 2003 with Joseph hill.”Kenyatta is an amazing vocalist that can be mistaken for his father so Kenya be ready for another taste of the hill’s.

Advance tickets for the show are available on ticket sasa regular going at 1000 and VIP at 4000 shillings.See you there.




Hi peeps long time but am back look out for juicest reggae music stories from new riddims,songs, artists and all the gossips sorrounding reggae music.In the mean time why dont you listen to this hooot tunes and tell me what you think?Help the weak by Chronixx Ft Capleton and justice by Sevana.


Like i had said earlier Rastafarian take keen considerations on what they take into their it harmful to their bodies or will make them feel not pure.they believe their body is the temple of Jah.Even though is a diet originated in this religion many rastas deny it and say is just a way of life.thew foods they consume must be natural and within the Levitical  law of the Old Testament.

This diet i believe promote healthy eating  and many of them  experience optimum health.The following is a list of foods that are not considered ital.


It is considered unclean because the pig is a scavenger and therefore  pork is destructive to human body.


Most rastas do not eat any type of meat because they believe that touching meat is the same  as touching death.Eating animals that are dead is like turning your body into a cemetery most of them actually don’t like being around dead animals.

Like i said in the previous post these rules vary from rasta to rasta as there are others who eat meat from ‘clean’ animals like cows,goat,sheep and forbidden to eat unclean animals like rabbit,horse and birds of prey.

3.Sea food.

On several occasion many will eat fish smaller than 12 inches in length .Fish larger than that are considered to be symbolic of the Babylonians who feed on the lives of others.


Salt is not completely forbidden .Some avoid added salt in foods especially salt with  the artificial addition of iodine.While pure sea salt is eaten by some.

5.Canned foods.

Most strict interpretations avoid the consumption of canned foods as it may contain chemicals which is believed to be destructive to their bodies.They believe anything that is pickled or fermented is harmful to their bodies.


it is not completely forbidden but one is encouraged to avoid it as it is a stimulant.High amount of caffeine is found in coffee ,black tea and chocolate.This is the reason some of them don’t take coffee or chocolate.

7.Alcohol and Cigarettes.

Rastafari do not approve excessive consumption of alcohol because it is considered destructive to the body and reduces their livity.

Most of them disapprove smoking of cigarettes due to the serious  health concerns associated with it.

8.Artificial additives and Chemicals

They avoid food which is chemically modified or contains artificial additives.For example food that contains flavoring and preservatives.Also food that were produced using chemicals like fertilizer and pesticides is not considered ital.


Considered as not natural food for human consumption.


Milk from a cow or any other animal is considered unnatural and should be avoided though others will have no problem consuming milk because it does not come from a dead animal.

So if you have some weight problems this is a good start-up guide for you to shade unwanted weight by avoiding certain foods.



A true rasta is very strict on what he consumes.Here am going to talk about some of the things that are not consumed and considered harmful or unholy in the rastafarian movement.

Ital is a food often celebrated by those people in the Rastafari movement.However it is compulsory in Nyabinghi mansion and not in the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Ital is a word derived from the English word vital.The omission of letter ‘v’  is common in many words in the Rastafari vocabulary.This is to signify  the unity  of the speaker will  all of  nature .

Even though the ital eating varies from rasta to rasta,there are few universal rules of ital living.The primary goal of ital diet is to increase livity.This  is a Rastafarian concept of righteous everliving living.

There is also various interpretations of ital  regarding specific foods but the general principal is that food should be pure or natural and from the earth.Food which is chemically modified or contains artificial additives like flovourings is highly avoided by rastas.In some other strict interpretations foods that had been produced  using chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizer are not considered ital.

A jamaican ital breakfast consisting of ackee,boiled food breadfruit and mango-pineapple juice.

A Jamaican ital breakfast consisting of ackee,boiled food breadfruit and mango-pineapple juice.

This dietary laws based their interpretations on several books of the Bible like her Genesis,Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

Guess what rastafari do not approve excessive alcohol consumption so don’t boast yourself that you are a rasta and you are drowning in alcohol.However  they allow  one to drink alcohol in moderation as long as it does not reach a level that clouds the mind.Check out my next post on what are the dietary restrictions of Rastafarians.


Lovers rock is a style of reggae music noted by its romantic sounds and content.Unlike ska, rock steady and roots-reggae which had their genesis in Jamaica ,lovers rock was conceived in the united kingdom by black Britons.

However it did not take long for the trend to catch on in Jamaica where so-called roots and culture was still dominant.Dennis brown and Gregory Isaacs who recorded mainly roots hits were among the first to switch to lovers rock .

The list below includes some of the greatest lovers rock artists or bands of all time.This list basically answers who are the best lovers rock bands of all time? and who is the greatest lovers rock musician ever?

1.Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs is described as the most exquisite vocalist in  reggae.After the spread of lovers rock to Jamaica,he recorded his first lovers rock  song called my only lover in 1973.RThe song became a massive hit and credited as the first lovers rock ever made.The song is named among the best romantics songs in reggae.

Gregory Isaacs

 Gregory Isaacs

In 1978, he released the cool ruler album that led to his honorific name cool ruler lonely lover.The album consisted some tracks that are considered among the best ever recorded by GI.

2.Dennis Brown.

Born Dennis Emmanuel Brown was  a reggae and lovers rock singer.Also known as the crown prince of reggae he stared his career at age 11.Dennis Brown is considered as one of the major stars of lovers rock .Actually  he got his nickname from Bob Marley  who cited Brown as his favourite singer .

Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown

He first produced his own lovers rock song called money in my pocket in 1979 .The same year the  song reached number 14  on the British chart.In 1982 he produced another hit single love has found its way a song listed among the best love songs of reggae.

3.Boris Gardiner

Lovers rock exploded in the 1980’s with British artists leading the way .It was the decade that produced homegrown artists like Maxi Priest and John McLean.

Boris Gardiner

          Boris Gardiner

However the biggest lovers rock hit of the time was from a Jamaican born  Boris Gardiner.His cover of American country singer Mac Davis’ i want to wake up with you topped the British national chart in 1986.

4.Sugar Minnott

Another member of the roots-reggae wave ,entered the British chart with his lovers rock hit good thing going on.This was a cover of an obscure Jackson five.The song remains sugar minnott’s biggest hit.

Sugar minnot

          Sugar Minnott


5.Freddie Mcgregor

The list can not be completed without mentioning Freddie Mcgregor himself.In 1987 he released a lovers rock hit single just dont want to be lonely.The single reached number 9 in the UK singles chart.


In many fields of professionalism ,women have faced many challenges in maintaining their performance for a number of reasons including rampant sexism and shifting to motherhood.

the same is clear in reggae music as the female singers had not become consistent hit makers like their male counter parts.however i have sampled though was not easy a few of the best Jamaican reggae female artists of all time.

1.Marcia Griffiths

Born Marcia Llyneth Griffiths in 1949  is a reggae,roots reggae female singer from Jamaica.Marcia is primarily known for her strong and smooth love songs.

she started her carrier in 1964 recording several duets with Tony Gregory,Bob parley and Bob Andy.

Marcia Griffiths

                    Marcia Griffiths

Marcia is considered the most successful female singer in the Jamaican music industry as well as the most consistent hit maker something that is not very common with female artists.she has been in the music industry for over 50 years and remains an international star.She started her solo career in 1964 and the same time recording duets with her lover to be Bob Andy.

In 1990 she released the song electric boogie which spawned a worldwide dance craze the electric slide that exits up to date.Among her hit singles include the romantic one truly and i shall sing that was released in 1999.

2.Phyllis Dillon

The 59 year old is a Jamaican rock steady and reggae singer who was under the treasure isle record label in 1960’s.Dillon recorded her first single don’t stay away  in 1966 which became a massive hit in the reggae world.It is considered as one of the finest female performance in Jamaican music.

Phyllis Dillon

   Phyllis Dillon

her sequent recordings we’re covers of popular American songs like the midnight confessions originally by the grass roots.however she later recorded her original song called it’s rocking time which  would later be turned into a rocksteady hit.

Dillon dominated several local charts in Jamaica and united kingdom with hits like  don’t stay a way ,perfidia and don’t touch my tomato.she is regarded as one of the key singers in rocksteady era and sometimes referred to as the queen of rock steady.Phyllis Dillon died of cancer in 1994.

3.Janet Kay

Born  Janet Kay Bogle in 1958 London England is a reggae and lovers rock singer and songwriter.Kay is best known for her 1979 lovers rock hit silly games.The song topped the UK and European charts and led her being nicknamed the queen of lovers rock.She made history  in the music Guinness Book of Records as the first British born  black female to have a reggae song at the top of the British charts.

Janet Kay

         Janet Kay

She recorded  eternally grateful another single that enjoyed club coverage even though it did not reach UK’s top 100.

In 2003 Kay recorded her seventh album lovin you.The album became very popular in Japan that she was requested to record it again which was for the third time of the album.Kay is listed as one of the Britain’s  top 100 Black Britain by the evening standard newspaper.

Although this are not the only female artists that shaped the reggae world but they are considered to have had a greater influence and therefore there are other  artists  who had in one or the other contributed to reggae music.




As by now we all know the origin of reggae music and just like wild fires,it has spread across the globe very first.In Africa,there are several notable reggae musicians with a large fanbase from within and outside the continent.

Reggae music i can say was first introduced in Africa by the world famous reggae legend Bob Marley after his visit to Africa.Bob Marley visited Zimbabwe in 1980 and performed in the capital city  Harare during their independence celebrations.This marked the beginning of reggae music in aArica.

Among the notable reggae artists in Africa includes the late Lucky Dube,Alpha Blondy Majek Fashek and  Takana Zion.

1.Lucky Dube

Born Lucky Philip Dube in Transvaal South Africa in 1964.He is a well known reggae musician and a Rastafarian of Bobo Shanti movement.Lucky Dube was among the first artists to bring African reggae to the mainstream.

Lucky Dube

           Lucky Dube

In the beginning Dube used to play mbaqanga music a local genre until when he realized people were responding positively to the few reggae songs he had recorded.Seeing South Africa as an institutionally racist society ,Dube shifted to reggae getting inspiration from Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh.He felt the socio-political messages associated with reggae music will be relevant to their racism-bound society.

He recorded several albums but did not perform very well until in 1996  when he released a compilation album,serious reggae business.This put him in the world map and ended up being named the Best Selling African Recording Artist at the World Music Award.

However his dream was cut shot after being gunned down by carjackers in Johannesburg on 18th October 2007.

2.Alpha Blondy

Alpha Blondy is also an African reggae singer and international  recording artist from Ivory Coast in West Africa.Born Seydou Kone,63 years ago, Blondy is commonly referred to as the Bob Marley  of Africa.

Just like other reggae artists Blondy was against oppression and mistreatment of the black people as well as police brutality.This is evident in several of his songs like the song apartheid is Nazism, which was a call for the end of apartheid rule in South Africa.Brigadier sabari was a satirical song against police brutality which he himself had gone through in the Abidjan city.

Alpha Blondy

       Alpha Blondy

Brigadier sabari was among his major successful songs that put him in the limelight. Other songs that made him internationally recognized include cocody rock,Jerusalem,sweet fanta diallo and apartheid is Nazism.

Blondy sings in many language in order to reach a wider audience.This include English,French ,Baoule and his native language Dioula.Blondy received a gold disc in Paris after the success of his album Masada with the hit single rendes vous in 1991.

3.Majek Fashek.

Born Majekodunmi Fashek  in Benin city,Nigeria is a reggae,roots reggae and rock artist.Best known for his 1988 album prisoner of conscience which included the single send down the rain that saw him winning several awards such as song of the year and reggae artist of the year  at PWAN awards.

Majek Fashek

            Majek Fashek

Fashek musical influences include Bob Marley.In fact his voice is almost the same as that of Bob Marley.Furthermore his divorced parents gave him contradicting birth date and he ended up adopting his musical hero’s birthday as 6 February.

Fashek has worked with various artists during his carrier including Jimmy Cliff,Michael Jackson as well as Beyonce.

There are also other notable artists of africa but little is know about them.they include Clement Malola of the hit shake my dreads and Captain tt of bless i and forgive i hits.